Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sad news

I have some very sad news. The store I was selling my kits in has closed. I don't have any other place to put my kits in for sale. I haven't even sold on kit either. Not sure what to do about the ones I had in the store as the store is completely gone. So I am not sure if  I am going to find another home for my kits or just keep them as freebies. It will be a few weeks as I figure this out. Keep checking back cause I might have a ton of freebies...we shall see

Thanks Angela aka Queenie

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  1. Hi Angela! I'm sorry to hear about your store closing but hope all goes well with you in your kit making future. I usually just keep mine freebies, because I can't keep up with the demand of getting kits into stores at all. Not enough time on my hands, you see. LOL Maybe one day I might try, as I do have a few larger kits that seem too big to give away as freebies on my HD. LOL ~Tina (AKA LadyHawk70)~