Thursday, August 3, 2017

Its been awhile....

Hello followers. I know its been a very long time since I have posted anything. For that im sorry! I have had lots of personal issues. One is I lost my Grandmother in March of this year. I miss her of course. 
I also had my computers hard drive take a crap! So my mom gave me her laptop and its soooo different that after 4 months Im still learning. I had to buy another program PsP X9 and I hate it!! I can't figure out where to put my scripts, plugins, brushes, ect.... the only things I know where to put them are the fonts and masks! Ive tried everything and there is NO TUT that I can find on step by step how to do it :( 
I wish I could figure it out but its not working. I don't know where to turn!
I want to make tags and kits but I don't understand X9 at all. I had X3 and cant use it with Windows 8. I have a friend that tried to help me but she doesn't know how to explain things to me in (small words) lol I promise to learn this and get back to bringing you kits. 
Just need help and prayers!!
Thank You