Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My first TUT using kit called Wicked Purple by Sweetashoneycreationz

Ok lets start....

Supplies needed for this tut are Scrap kit by Sweet as honey- called Wicked Purple you can download that for free HERE 
Mask Vix 207 you can download that for free HERE
Ok open new image size 600x200
Flood with #9003c9
Color pallette #9003c9 and #b95bf9
Type name using font Clingy..or choose a different one.
I used sz 8 and center it in the middle of tag.
Go to all... float...go to effects ... plugins...gradient glow... make sure on the top left it says outsideglow is ok....
Go to adjust ... add/remove on uniform 35% ... ok
Go to Selection... Select none. 
Click on the background so you can work with that layer.
Go to layers... loadMasks...
Find the mask Vix207 and make sure you have it selected to fit canvas and hide all mask...load
Now go to your promoted layer name and add drop shadow...I used 3,3, 80% blur 20
Open kit and select Skullylilly-1 
copy and paste it to the name and re-size to fit the name. Place it where it will look good on the name.
Add drop shadow to the skullylilly-1 Now copy that skully and paste it to name again...this time it will be the same as the first one and have the drop shadow already with it. Place it where you want it on the name.
Open kit and select doodle-1.... copy and paste it to the layer behind the name...and resize it to fit like mine. Add drop shadow 3, 3, 80% blur 20
Merge your tag to one layer.
Add copywrite to your tag and Save it.
Thanks Angela aka Queenie

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Cluster Frames Neon Rock

Here are 2 new cluster frames using a PTU kit by Rissa's Designs. This is a bright beautiful kit that I am sure you will love. You can get this kit on her blog atRissa's HERE 

You can get these cluster frames FTU Here 

You can get this cluster frame HERE 

Please read her TOU and mine before using these frames.
Thanks Angela aka Queenie