Friday, April 26, 2013

New Alopecia Awareness kit

New kit For Alopecia Awareness. Jenny from Jenny's Designz asked me if I would help her spread the word about this syndrome. Alopecia is where you loose patches of your hair or you go bald. It different for everyone that has it. Her little girl has this and as soon as she told me I had to get on board. My son has Fragile X Syndrome and I know how hard it is to spread the word. I also asked some of my friends to help out too and got 3 of them to make something Wicked Princess, Black Widow Creationz, and Country Princess are all either doing kits, or tut's or cluster frames. Thank you all for helping us spread the word!! Everyone will be posting at different times to check there blogs often. 
Here is my part

You can download my part HERE
Please read my TOU before you use the kit.
Thank you so much
Angela aka Queenie

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