Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just a little fyi. I found out today that my files are all being saved under pspimaging and not everyone can open them. So from now on I will be saving everything under PSD so everyone no matter what program you use can download them. I am so sorry about this and will try to convert all of the clusters and my kit to PSD but that will take 
Right now I will start making some frames and put them up so you can download something from me. Just sorry I wasnt told sooner. If there is something you want that is in the format that you cant open please feel free to send me a email at and  what one you would like and I will make sure to change that one for you. Thanks for understanding
Angela aka Queenie

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  1. I just wanted to stop by and say your frames are so cute and I love them all. Unfortunately I do not have a program that will open the PSP or PSD formats. And some of you links are in a format with the extention of INK which I am unable to open as well. I have found a way to convert the PSP and PSD files to PNG but they still have the preview and link signs listed. I am new to this but sometimes I am clever enough to figure this stuff out. Not so with this. I am able to work with PNG as long as it does not have the signs. I am no professional but found your site to be cute in design and would love to use them as personal for my own. Thank you for your wonderful designs. Melissa